​​Personal projects are not only a great opportunity to learn not just about your craft but yourself as an artist and as a person.

These projects vary in complexity from developing a simple idea with a friend or a model to working with a team of like-minded individuals and artists to create something hopefully that stays true to my original concept.

Other projects are with Portrait X. lead by the talented Samantha and Marcus with a mix of core team members/professionals with amateur and enthusiast models/photographers alike, we bring the concepts of fairytale and fantasy to life.

I love to do personal work, this allows me to get my creative juices flowing without the worry of working to a client's needs and instead of doing something I want to do…

other times its the opportunity to trial or test an idea, technique or a new piece of kit This has often led me to paid assignments.

Silent Hill

Along with my creative friends from Portrait X, Lead by the talented Samantha Beak. we paid homage to the horror video game genre with a Silent Hill vs Left for dead mashup for Halloween. on location at an abandoned Victorian schoolhouse / Church we set up on site with makeup artists and models to bring the characters to life. 

The Watcher

One of my favorite personal projects to date is this image taken as an lighting experiment using Rotolight Neo's and Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 Optic, I wanted an intensity in the eyes that would leave a lasting impression.

The end image was featured by Lensbaby and the London Loop gallery.